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  • Starting on: 26 Jul 2021
    Enrollment deadline
    26 Jul 2021

    27 classes Language : Urdu
    4:30 am New_York Time Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
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Meet your instructor

Sahar Jabeen

Hello All, I am Sahar. I have been into advertising & Marketing from last 12 years. A Graphic Designer by Profession, running my own avertising agency SD-Communications. Here at Airschool, my aim to serve with a Graphic Design course with in-depth knowledge of market driven skills, leading to a professional career right after completion of the certification. The course includes basic to beginner and then beginner to Professional level skills including 1. Design Aesthetics 2. Professional Tools & Softwares 3. Research & Development 4. Execution 5. project presentation 6. Job Placements after course completion

Course Curriculum

• History & Evolution of Graphic Design • Scope of Graphic Design • Famous Designers & their work around the globe. • Introduction to Design, Creative thinking & Color • Understanding Color theory • Color Wheel & Types of Color • Warm & Cool Colors & its Psychology • Introduction to Design elements • Introduction to design principles • Differences between vector-based graphics and pixel-based graphics • Photoshop walk through & Short Keys Practice • (Assignment for the Students prior to the understanding of lecture)

• Introduction to Photoshop • What is Image Size and Resolution for web & Print. • Creating a New Document • Opening and Closing a Document • Creating a Workspace • Understanding tool Bar • Cropping images • Transforming Objects • Copy Paste • Image Modes

• Introduction to Typographic Terms • Text Tools In Photoshop • Stroking text in Photoshop • How to outline text • Font Selection • Creating a Font Logo • (Assignment for the Students prior to the understanding of lecture)

• Layer Blending options • How to make a new layer • Add Layer Mask • How to make Groups • How to make Clipping Mask Delete Mask • Layer Modes Working with text in photoshop • Layer Blending options on text • Text Layer Masking in Photoshop • Text Wrap options, Circular, Shape and with image • Understanding text arrangement in paragraph • Basic Layout Understanding • Book Cover Assignment • (Assignment for the Students prior to the understanding of lecture)

• Selection Tool • Brush Tool • Paint Bucket Tool • Burn Tool • Pen Tool • Shape Tool • Crop Tool • Gradient Tool • (Assignment for the Students prior to the understanding of lecture) Image Editing in photoshop • Black and white treatment to image • Hue/Saturation • Image halftone • Adding Filters to image • Adding Colors to Image • Adding posturized effects to images

• Types of Advertising • What is Poster Design • Copywriting in Advertising • Adaptation of Advertising Collaterals • Create a Poster design (Product) and its adaptation • Creating Website/ Facebook Posts/Web Ads Working with 3d Effects in Photoshop • Creating Slice portrait in Photoshop • 3d effect on Photoshop • Image Manipulation • Creating Mockups • Creating Gifs

• Illustrator Workspace Environment and understanding as vector based software • Creating Documents • Creating Art board • File Formats • Opening and Saving File • Understanding Tool Bar • Modifying Fill and Stroke Attributes • Pathfinder Working with Adobe Illustrator (Drawing Tool & Fill Option) • Magic wand tool and Lasso tool • Understanding of pen tool • Drawing through pen tool • Creating Path Through Pen tool • Clipping Mask • Shape Builder tool • (Assignment for the Students prior to the understanding of lecture)

• Text tools in Illustrator • Stroking text • Outlining text • Text in round shape • Creating 3d Effects to Illustrator • Text Wrap • Creating a News Paper Ad with Text wrap • Text in Perspective Illustration Design • Creating illustrations in Illustrator • Vector Art Using Pen Tool • Working with 3D Shapes illustrator

• Logo • Visiting Card • Letter Head • Publication Design • Book/Catalogue Design in Illustrator • Envelopes

Come out of this class as a

  • Professional Graphic Designer
  • Freelancer Ready for Gigs
  • Exceptional Candidate for Jobs
  • Independent Designer


  • Engagement and interaction

    You will not listen to one-way lectures, rather be in a digital classroom with some of the best experts and class fellows. Class size won’t be massive and you’ll have the floor to yourself to ask questions, debate, share your thoughts and contribute to everyone’s mastery.

  • Transparency and accountability

    Coursework like pop quizzes, short assignments, case studies can really help refresh and reinforce concepts. When everyone’s participating and sharing their ideas, you’ll feel challenged to come up with bigger and better ideas, thus having work to show by the end of the cohort.

  • Community and synergy

    Teamwork makes the dream work. Connect with your classmates, a group of like-minded people working towards the same goals and course outcomes as you. Support, challenge yourself and others, and possibly build lifelong relationships.

  • Results and impact

    Live, cohort-based courses are all about the transformation over a short period of time. This is what you and your cohort work together to achieve. You will come out of this course transformed in many, many ways.

Salient Features

This is not an ordinary course but a masterclass specially designed to help you become successful in the market. Some of the perks include:

Live Classes

All the classes will be conducted live giving you the opportunity to engage with the instructor and fellow course takers.

Replay Available

If for some reason, you missed a lecture, videos will be provided for you to stay up to speed with the class.

Guest Lectures

Meet Successful people who started their journey from content creation. Seek inspiration and learn from their experiences.

Practical Exercises

Clearly designed assignments and goals to build your foundations throughout the class

Networking Opportunities

A Dedicated Slack community to connect with your classmates and instructor

Useful Resources

Get inspiration from the work of your fellows. Find your own tribe of supporters!


The class will have batches in Local language.


Certification will be provided to participants.

Fee Structure

Apply now and get free access to the precourse work.

  • Starting on: 26 Jul 2021
    Enrollment deadline
    26 Jul 2021

    27 classes Language : Urdu
    4:30 am New_York Time Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
    19 Slots Left


One time fee for the whole master class


The live classes for the courses will be conducted on our platform, Airschool, and zoom. Once you enrol, you will get the joining details. Slack channels will be available for after-class conversations and discussion.

Airschool provides learners with a 7-days money-back guarantee. If you feel that the course doesn’t deliver to its expectations or doesn’t teach what it promised, you can apply for a refund within 7-days of enrolling for the course. Mail us at support@airschool.com explaining the reason behind your decision and you will get your money back in 7 working days.

We love improvement and we love when it’s based on our users’ feedback. We expect you to record your constructive comments in our feedback form and these will be used to improve the course for the next batches.

Yes, certificates will be provided.